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Welcome to Gymnastic World Naples

Where Champions Are Born.

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About Us

Gymnastic World Naples is a non-franchise, family-owned and operated business. Our family and our staff take pride in providing award-winning classes and instruction for our gymnasts. We work hard to provide an 8:1 student ratio to ensure your athlete is getting the proper instruction and feedback needed to have a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience in our gym. Every child who walks through our doors is special to us and we take the time to treat them that way. Come join us in our 10,000 square foot, air-conditioned facility where champions are born!


Check out our range of classes we have to offer for all ages, from pre-school classes to covering the basics to competitive moves, its designed to suit everyone who comes in!

  • child practicing tumbling


    Tumbling is a form of gymnastics that involves the practice of executing a series of acrobatic skills on our spring floor without the use of any specialized equipment. These action-packed classes work on tumbling skills, as well as drills for those skills.

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  • preshool child practicing gymnastics


    The goal of our Xcel program is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience that still allows the option of attending competitions.

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  • children sitting in gymnastics gym

    Instructional Gymnastics

    Our Instructional Gymnastics classes provide students with a fun and exciting way to learn new static and dynamic movement skills on our Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor, and 40 ft Tumbl Trak. These classes vary by skill level and are taught by our well-trained coaches.

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  • child practicing on the uneven bars

    Tot & Me

    Tot & Me is designed to introduce students ages 18 to 36 months to exploring foundational gymnastics movements alongside their parent or guardian, with the facilitation of a Gymnastic World coach. Students will explore and play with rolling, bouncing, jumping, and spatial awareness in a safe, fun, and interactive environment!

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  • competitive gymnastics team

    Competitive Gymnastics

    Our established Competitive Gymnastics program involves exceptional commitment, training, and refining of skills to progress through a series of levels and attend several gymnastic competitions every year!

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  • preteam group photo

    Pre-team Gymnastics

    Pre-team Gymnastics the path to competitive gymnastics and serves as the way to help your child build their overall foundation for their career as a gymnast! Pre-team bridges the gap between recreational gymnastics and our competitive team programs.

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  • child climing into inflatable

    Recreational Gymnastics

    Recreational Gymnastics involves a wide offering of gymnastics classes spanning all ages and focused on beginner to intermediate skill levels, generally with a non-competitive focus. These classes teach students a range of core skills, setting the foundation for more advanced skills as they progress further into gymnastics.

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  • child playing on gymnastics equipment

    Open Gym

    Open Gym is a time where our facility is available for open play time to have fun, practice skills, or run and jump off some energy! We host a variety of open gyms for all ages, and all sessions are supervised by our trained instructors.

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Why Choose Us?

Expert Coaching

At Gymnastic World Naples, our highly trained coaches provide guidance, ensuring that every participant, from beginners to competitive gymnasts, receives the best guidance for skill development and personal growth.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our spacious gym is equipped with gymnastics equipment, providing a safe and inspiring environment for all ages. Whether you're practicing for competition or simply aiming to have fun, our facility is designed to support your goals.

Inclusive Community

We promote a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels come together to learn, grow, and form lasting friendships. Our supportive atmosphere makes Gymnastic World Naples a second home for athletes.

Special Events and Celebrations

From special events to birthday parties, we offer a variety of unique events that add excitement and fun to your gymnastics journey. These events make Gymnastic World Naples more than just a gym; it's a place where fitness, fun, and special moments converge.

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At Gymnastic World, we take pride in offering a range of special events that set us apart. These special events add a unique touch to our gym, making it a place where we come together in the most exciting ways. Join us for these exclusive gatherings, and let Gymnastic World be your destination for fun.

  • birthday bounce house

    Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your child's special day with a memorable birthday party at our gym! We offer an exciting and unique experience filled with gymnastics activities, games, and plenty of fun.

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  • children standing in front of a fire truck

    Special Events

    At Gymnastic World, we love to add an extra dash of excitement by hosting special events. Keep an eye on our schedule to join in on the fun. We can't wait to share these special moments with you, making your time at Gymnastic World even more exceptional.

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What People Say

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Best Gym

This is the best gym I have ever been to, I started going here 7 years ago and have been to everything including birthday parties, open gyms, summer camps and practices. I absolutely love the gym, the owners and the staff! The gym is a safe place for kids and has a loving, welcoming, home like atmosphere! I am so thankful to have had this gym as a part of my life!

alyssa galligan

- Alyssa Galligan

Life Saver

My daughter has been taking gymnastics for a little over a year and she has come so far it’s incredible the progress! Plus gymnastics world is a life saver with the day camps they offer when school is out for holidays or hurricanes!

amber shepherd

- Amber Shepherd

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We offer an inclusive community where individuals of all ages can thrive. Our coaches will guide you through a journey of strength, flexibility, and confidence. Come be a part of a place where you'll build lifelong friendships and reach your gymnastics goals in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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