Carol has been involved with Gymnastic World Naples for over 20 years and her business acumen is a product of strong character traits. In addition to a willingness to work hard and innate organizing skills, Carol keeps in mind what some business people in America have forgotten; namely, if you focus on the needs of your customers and treat them in a respectful and friendly manner, a long lasting and successful business will follow. That’s the atmosphere we foster at Gymnastic World Naples.


Colleen has been involved with the Gymnastic World Naples family since 2002. In 2018, she was made a partial owner as Carol became seriously ill and could no longer be at the gym every day. Colleen has extensive management and organizational skills. She is also the General Manager, manages the staff, is responsible for the day to day operations of the gym and all customer communications.


In an industry where employee turn over can be very high, we’re proud to say our key employees have averaged more than 10 years of service. All staff undergo regular training to keep up to date on the newest techniques and progressions in training gymnastics.


  • Caring, professional instructors for all ages
  • Dedicated to the individual child and their development as a gymnast
  • Teachers are trained for safety and teaching techniques
  • Instructors are kept up to date in sports injury certification and injury prevention
  • Must share our passion for providing each child with a great experience



  • NEW 48 X 48 Flexi-Roll
  • Carpeted Spring Floor
  • 5 Regulation High Balance Beams
  • 2 Low Balance Beams
  • Parallel Bars
  • Giant In-Ground Foam Pit
  • 40 ft. Tumble Track with Resi and foam landings
  • Four (4) sets of Uneven Bars
  • 57 ft tumble strip into foam
  • Strap Bar
  • Single Bar
  • Pit Bar
  • Giant Gator Bounce House
  • 2 Huge Inflatable Slides
  • 40’ Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Resi-Pit
  • Preschool Equipment
  • Vault Table
  • NEW Inflatable Velcro Wall
  • 25′ Conditioning Rope