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Pre-team Gymnastics

Pre-team gymnastics is a training program designed to prepare young gymnasts for competitive gymnastics. It serves as a transitional phase between recreational gymnastics and joining a competitive gymnastics team. Pre-team gymnastics focuses on building a strong foundation of skills, strength, flexibility, and discipline, laying the groundwork for success in competitive gymnastics.

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Here are some key points to understand about pre-team gymnastics:

1. Skill Development

Pre-team gymnastics places significant emphasis on skill acquisition and refinement. Gymnasts will continue to develop and perfect their basic gymnastics skills while progressively learning more advanced techniques. This includes training on various apparatus such as bars, balance beams, vaults, and floor exercise.

2. Conditioning and Strength Training

Pre-team gymnastics involves regular conditioning and strength training exercises to develop the physical attributes required for competitive gymnastics. Gymnasts participate in targeted workouts to enhance muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and body control. Conditioning exercises may include bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and flexibility training.

3. Increased Training Commitment

Pre-team gymnastics requires a greater time commitment compared to recreational gymnastics. Gymnasts typically have multiple training sessions per week, each lasting several hours. The increased training hours allow for more focused skill development and progression.

4. Introduction to Competition

While pre-team gymnastics is not the same as competitive gymnastics, it often includes opportunities for gymnasts to participate in low-pressure, friendly competitions. These events may be intra-club or inter-club meets and serve as valuable learning experiences to familiarize gymnasts with the competitive environment.

5. Evaluations and Progression

Pre-team gymnastics involves regular evaluations by coaches to assess each gymnast's progress. Evaluations may include skill assessments, technique evaluations, and physical readiness for competitive gymnastics. Based on the evaluations, gymnasts may be recommended to try out for the competitive team or transitioned into higher-level training programs.

6. Commitment and Requirements

Pre-team gymnastics often requires a higher level of commitment from gymnasts and their families. This can include attendance at scheduled practices, adherence to specific training protocols, and potential financial commitments for coaching fees, competition fees, and necessary attire or equipment.

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Best Gym

This is the best gym I have ever been to, I started going here 7 years ago and have been to everything including birthday parties, open gyms, summer camps and practices. I absolutely love the gym, the owners and the staff! The gym is a safe place for kids and has a loving, welcoming, home like atmosphere! I am so thankful to have had this gym as a part of my life!

alyssa galligan

- Alyssa Galligan

Life Saver

My daughter has been taking gymnastics for a little over a year and she has come so far it’s incredible the progress! Plus gymnastics world is a life saver with the day camps they offer when school is out for holidays or hurricanes!

amber shepherd

- Amber Shepherd

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