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Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational gymnastic classes are a fantastic way for individuals of all ages to build strength, coordination, and enjoy learning new gymnastics skills. These classes are designed to provide a fun and structured environment where participants can develop fundamental gymnastics skills, improve physical fitness, and build self-confidence. Your child will begin in a class with other students in the same age group. You may choose one class per week or join multiple classes offered with a pricing discount.

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In recreational gymnastic classes, participants typically engage in a variety of activities and exercises that promote strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and agility. These classes often incorporate the use of gymnastics equipment such as bars, balance beams, spring floor, vaults, trampolines, and mats. Depending on the age and skill level of the participants, we teach skills in progression and build up to more difficulty and complex skills as gymnasts achieve success. As skills improve, there is opportunity to move up to different levels.

Here are some key aspects you can expect from recreational gymnastic classes:

1. Skill Development

Participants will learn basic gymnastics skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and various jumps. As they progress, they may be introduced to more advanced skills like back walkovers and varying types of forward and backward rolls, depending on their abilities and the class structure.

2. Conditioning and Strength Training

Gymnastics requires a strong foundation of physical fitness. Participants will engage in stretching exercises and conditioning routines to develop strength, endurance, and flexibility. These activities may include bodyweight exercises, stretching, and targeted muscle conditioning.

3. Apparatus Work

Gymnastic classes often include practice on various apparatus such as bars, beams, vaults, and floor exercise mats. Participants will have the opportunity to try different skills and routines on these apparatus, focusing on proper technique and safety.

4. Progression and Advancement

Recreational gymnastic classes are typically structured to accommodate participants of different skill levels, from beginners to more experienced individuals. As participants improve their abilities, they may have opportunities to advance to higher-level classes or join more specialized programs if they desire.

5. Fun and Social Interaction

Recreational gymnastic classes emphasize enjoyment and a positive atmosphere. Participants can make new friends, engage in group activities, and experience the joy of learning and achieving new gymnastic skills.

If you're interested in enrolling in recreational gymnastic classes, you can inquire at 239-592-0608 or via email at

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Best Gym

This is the best gym I have ever been to, I started going here 7 years ago and have been to everything including birthday parties, open gyms, summer camps and practices. I absolutely love the gym, the owners and the staff! The gym is a safe place for kids and has a loving, welcoming, home like atmosphere! I am so thankful to have had this gym as a part of my life!

alyssa galligan

- Alyssa Galligan

Life Saver

My daughter has been taking gymnastics for a little over a year and she has come so far it’s incredible the progress! Plus gymnastics world is a life saver with the day camps they offer when school is out for holidays or hurricanes!

amber shepherd

- Amber Shepherd

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