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Xcel Gymnastics Classes

Xcel Gymnastics is a program within the sport of gymnastics that provides an alternative to the traditional Junior Olympic (JO) program. It was developed by USA Gymnastics (the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States) to offer a more reduced practice schedule to those not wanting to commit to a more disciplined Junior Olympic and Optional training program for competitive gymnastics. Please note, that if choosing this program, the move to the Junior Olympic and Optional program at a later date would require the athlete to compete starting at Level 4 and score out to the next levels through competition. The Xcel program focuses on providing opportunities for gymnasts of all skill levels and ages to participate in gymnastics competitions.

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Our Xcel program runs alongside the Junior Olympic program. This alternative program provides a unique approach where routines are customized to accentuate each gymnast's strengths. As a result, Xcel gymnasts may have the opportunity to compete sooner while honing in on their skills and experiencing the thrill of competition.

Here are some key points to understand about Xcel Gymnastics:

1. Skill Levels

The Xcel program offers a tiered system of skill levels that gymnasts can progress through. The skill levels in Xcel are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each level has its own set of skill requirements, routines, and difficulty expectations. This allows gymnasts to progress at their own pace and compete at a level that aligns with their abilities.

2. Time Schedules

One of the main goals of the Xcel program is to make gymnastics more accessible. It welcomes gymnasts of varying ages and skill levels, including those who may have started gymnastics later or have limited training time compared to traditional elite gymnasts. Xcel Gymnastics provides a platform for these gymnasts to compete and enjoy the sport.

3. Flexibility

The Xcel program offers more flexibility in training and skill progression compared to the structured Junior Olympic program. Coaches have more freedom to tailor training programs and routines to suit individual gymnasts' strengths and abilities. This flexibility allows gymnasts to focus on skills they excel at while continuing to develop other areas.

4. Competition Opportunities

Xcel Gymnastics provides competitive opportunities for gymnasts within the program. Competitions are typically organized at local, state, and regional levels, and gymnasts can qualify for higher-level competitions based on their performance. Xcel competitions often emphasize a positive and supportive atmosphere where gymnasts can showcase their skills and progress.

5. Advancement

Gymnasts can advance through the Xcel program by meeting the skill and score requirements for each level. The advancement is not based on age but on the gymnast's ability to demonstrate the required skills and routines. This allows gymnasts to progress as they master new skills and reach the necessary criteria for the next level.

Xcel Gymnastics has gained popularity for its flexible approach, attracting gymnasts who may have different goals and aspirations in the sport. It provides a supportive and enjoyable competitive experience while allowing gymnasts to develop their skills and passion for gymnastics at their own pace.

If you're interested in participating in Xcel Gymnastics, contact us at or by phone at 239-592-0608.

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Life Saver

My daughter has been taking gymnastics for a little over a year and she has come so far it’s incredible the progress! Plus gymnastics world is a life saver with the day camps they offer when school is out for holidays or hurricanes!

amber shepherd

- Amber Shepherd

Best Gym

This is the best gym I have ever been to, I started going here 7 years ago and have been to everything including birthday parties, open gyms, summer camps and practices. I absolutely love the gym, the owners and the staff! The gym is a safe place for kids and has a loving, welcoming, home like atmosphere! I am so thankful to have had this gym as a part of my life!

alyssa galligan

- Alyssa Galligan

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